Book for babies from 0 moths to 3 years old toddler: learning animals and their sounds

learning animals and their sounds: book for babies from 0 months to 3 years old toddlers

I am the mother of a very busy 2-year-old girl who, since she was born, I teach and offer books so that she understands that they are part of her toys and that they are a means of entertainment.

From my experience as a teacher I have learned what amuses children and what does not, and the game of animal sounds and imitating them is always a success!

Book for baby

From the first months of life, playing with the book «learning the animals and their sounds» helps the baby to discriminate sounds.

At around 4 months, when the baby already holds his head and body upright, he can be allowed to manipulate the book while playing.

Book for 1 year old

When the baby has grown and begins to utter his first words, playing with the book will help him vocalize the different sounds of the language.

Book for 2 years old

Once the baby is alredy forming sounds the next step will be learning the names of things. This book teaches them the names of some farm, forest and jungle animals

Book for 3 years old

Before the age of 3, the toddler begins to imitate the movements and attitudes of adults, as well as the animals ones! One of the most enjoyable game for them is imitating the animals, which as well as developing their imagination works out their gross motor skills

In this video you can watch me and my todler playing with the spanish version of the book

Book for babies from 0 months to 3 years old toddlers: learning animals and their sounds

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