drawing and coloring book for kids

drawing and coloring book for kids: learning to draw animals

On this video you can watch the Spanish version of this book, with the wonderful todler soundtrack

Back in my childhood one of the days I remember with more enthusiasm was the one that I drew a little bird… and it turned out very well! It was so beautiful that all my classmates wanted me to draw one on their page…and that 4-year-old girl felt immensely happy to be able to draw beautiful birds and to be able to do it for others.

Looking back now I wish I had a book that taught me how to draw pretty pictures! … the next cool drawing I remember doing was when I was 12 years old.

Drawing is not difficult at all and I show it to you in this book of little animals, which can also be colored.

In it I think there are about 8 animals in total, although right now I don’t remember very well, and its lines are very simple to do.

This book to learn how to draw animals is aimed at children from 5 years old… but any adult can also test their skills with it hehehehe.


Then I leave you with a very pretty chick that is looking forward to you learning how to draw it.

It is a sample of the book.

You have my permission to download and print it for your own use.

If you are going to use it as a material in one of your classes, I would like you to communicate it and send me a photo of one of the resulting masterpieces hehehehe… it would make me very happy. You can contact me via email, the adress is my pen name doble hypen between name and surname and the email services provider is outlook dot com

Its use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Worksheet to learn to draw for children pdf